About Lulu

Lulu is a fun, energetic, passionate and highly educated personal trainer + fitness instructor.

She lives by two life mottos;
1. Act confident and no one will question you
2. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Lulu is known as the ‘Peach Queen’ of Bondi, she gained this title after running her successful booty bootcamps around Bondi Beach. Lulu now focuses on Personal training, still with a niche of booty building- and online programs so that she can help to build peachy booty’s all around the world.

Before entering the fitness industry, Lulu had a passion for fitness, particularly weights training. She loves feeling strong and confident, and empowering women to do the same.
Lulu also worked as a professional dancer- elements of dance and pilates are often used in many of her workouts alongside the weights training.

Lulu Has studied a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, along with a bachelor in Public Health. Lulu’s goal as a trainer is to make women feel confident in the weights room, and to absolutely love exercise and realise the amazing effects it has on the body both physically and mentally.